baked potatoes

baked slow and low for a confidential amount of time...

What's Roasting

open up

fresh sweet corn 
seasoned with our custom blended salts...

custom salts

including our custom blends we have 101 toppings...

Our Specialties

compound butters

sweet cream and salt combined with local ingredients...

Where to find us:

Monday 8am-1pm West Hollywood CFM

Tuesday 8am-1pm Torrance CFM

Thursday 9am-2pm Redondo Beach CFM

Saturday 8am-1pm Torrance CFM​

Sunday 9am-5pm Melrose Trading Post

Have you seen us at the oddnights?

​​​​​Stuffed potatoes and smothered corn: our signature items are open-flame roasted, bringing out the unique flavors in every bite. Starting with Grade A potatoes and farm fresh sweet corn, we'd like​ to roast up perfection at your next event. Guests apply our custom blended salts and allow the flavors to be instantly enjoyed. The compound butter and all ingredients are locally sourced when available.   All meats cooked separately so our corn is 100% vegan when enjoyed with the blended oils.  Our roaster is made in the USA.